Personalized Wellness, Balance, and Vitality Support
through evidence based care & education. 


Integrative Herbs & Wellness LLC is an Herb & Wellness Practice and educational resource for those wanting to incorporate evidence based natural alternatives safely and effectively into their lifestyle.  

Our services are unique in that they offer personalized support on a customized basis to promote Wellness, Balance, and Vitality specific for you!  We provide a number of services including appointments, personalized herbal formulas, lab kits for innovative lab testing, wellness plans, classes, and other educational materials.  

Our unparalleled approach can stand alone yet also compliments and effectively integrates with many of today's treatment options including chiropractic care, massage therapy, conventional care, western medical practice & more!  

It's never too late to get started, wellness matters!

About our Herbal Practitioner

Amber Kaiser, CH, C.N.H.P. (Certified Herbalist, Certified Natural Health Practitioner) earned her Arts & Science Degree through the University of Wisconsin- Richland.  After being a Home Herbalist for many years, she started a business formulating and making herbal products which retailed in several local stores.  She then went on to earn her Herbalist Certification and then later a secondary certification as a Certified Natural Health Practitioner.  Through this time she also taught classes on various herb & wellness topics from Creation, Biological, and Country Living perspectives- and continues to to so.  She is currently working on completing requirements for her Clinical Herbalist Certification and has had the privilege to learn from many reputable herbalists throughout her learning career.  Amber herself has taught beginning and moderate level herb & wellness classes professionally for over 10 years and has recently opened a small herbal practice in Minnesota which allows her to work individually with clients while still balancing time with her beloved husband and three children.  She enjoys spending time with her family, gardening, traditional and natural cooking, being outside, and herbal studies.    

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